Natural Skin Care Products Colorado
Natural Skin Care Products Colorado
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Mother nature has a way to cleanse, heal and beautify
Let’s rejuvenate our bodies through wholesome and organic products


There is so much you can do with nature, did you know?

  • Plump up, fresh up, make your skin shine with safe herbal products


  • Soften up, shape that long beard with natural oils right from the soil


  • Remove toxins and synthetic chemicals


  • Grow shiny and silky skin with sulfate free products


  • Moisturize yourself with the richness of nature


Immerse yourself in the richness of mother nature. Our bodies were never meant for man-made toxic chemicals, they come with side effects. Rejuvenate your skin and hair through chemical-free products and watch the miracle happen. We offer products that are not made in labs with excessive chemicals, rather we collect sell products that are true to nature and are collected from the earth. They are rich in vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

Adopt the organic method to healing our body and skin. With our products your face and body will get the shine, freshness and strength they need.

Reasons why Organic products are the best to use


Herbal drops is the need of the hour. Calm your nerves and eliminate the stress from your life. No need to go to the store and get anxiety pills when you can find better organic solutions to your problems. You can find herbal drops for anything, whether it be from anxiety to baby teething relief, to immunity boosting. Give yourself the right energy through the use of herbs. They say they have a way to give calming affects to your entire body, helping it to work efficiently.

Say no to chemical based products, they ruin the body and provide with temporary solutions. All your answers lie in natural and herbal treatments.

Natural Skin Care Products Colorado at Plum Canyon Nursery
Natural Skin Care Products Colorado at Plum Canyon Nursery

Want to moisturize your skin? We have a range of organic and soothing products for you to choose from. we bring to you the best in line herbal moisturizing care. They are made out of nature’s bounty. Minerals like Organic Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba Seed Oil, Tocopherol, Organic Lavender Oil, Roseship Seed Oil, Organic Calendula Flower Oil, Organic Aloe Vera and you name it.

You can remove your baby stretch marks the right and organic way through using our top in line herbal balm creams.

You can even pamper yourself with the right balm butter after a warm bath. Rejuvenate yourself at the end of a tiring day. The first step is to get in the shower and use our herbal products to cleanse your body, then you can end the day by applying one of our top selling balm creams.

We have the best natural products from the best sellers in the United States. We do things a bit differently and we do them for our client’s care. We have beard oil for those who want natural and thick beard. The beard oil brands we have in store for men keeps the beard very itch-free. No need to use synthetic products as the quality of your beard will decline overtime.

You can make a purchase and we will ship it to you within 24-hours of your purchase. We do not let our clients wait to experience the nature of life. We deliver fresh and new products that come right out of the farms. The oils are made with some top-quality oils in a balanced blend that gives the beard the health it needs.

Natural Skin Care Products Colorado at Plum Canyon Nursery
Natural Skin Care Products Colorado at Plum Canyon Nursery

We all hate bad skin like the plague. However most facial treatments, chemical peels and aesthetic procedures cost an arm and a leg. We know how people dread taking an appointment from the doctor, most insurance does not cover derma procedures so expect a bill that will cross a few thousand dollars.

Let’s not forget that these chemical based products can become extremely toxic for our skin. Excessive use can cause allergies and reactions that can take hundreds of dollars to get fixed. Eliminate all of that by being true to yourself the natural way.

If your skin needs a little detoxifying, do not listen to anyone. Did you know charcoal has its own magical way of plucking out impurities from your skin? Perhaps not because not many people want to talk about the benefits of using one. It is a very affordable way to make your skin appear young and fresh. All you need to do is stay consistent in applying the organic charcoal to your face, and the best part is it even helps with acne!

Our Bamboo Charcoal Skin Detoxing Facial is the thing you need to purify your facial skin. Your skin needs a blend of vitamin C, and Vitamin B5 to look younger and healthier. You will find the right dose of these vitamins in the charcoal cleanser we have in stock just for you.