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Sunrise on Nature

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Sunrise on Nature

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Sunrise on Nature

Beautiful Colorado is where we call home. This is the best place to cultivate natural healing. We live amongst the richness that nature has to offer and we are making the most of what we possess. We promote living naturally and for decades we will continue to keep doing what we do with our heritage of innovative solutions. We have a strong belief that nature has the answer for all our ailments.


We offer preventative Fire Mitigation solutions in Defensible Space to safeguard your beautiful property in this magnificent place you call home. We offer country hospitality through our private mountain Airbnb cabin where guests can experience wildlife sightseeing and the peacefulness of nature. Through our Etsy Shop we offer premium fresh tree cuttings bundled with love and delivered to your doorstep. Our German Shepherd and possibly our Great Pyrenees will have puppies next year and they will need a loving home. If you would like to adopt one in advance, please contact us and we will be happy to make arrangements.


We are farmers, gardeners, animal care-takers and lovers of the Creator. We are all about the natural life, and we embrace nature’s bounty to the fullest. With both sides of the family having a great history of an entrepreneurial spirit, we are continuing an American family tradition of over 75 years!

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A Personal Message:

I make Spiritual Life a priority and a reality. I study Torah, learn Jewish History, pray and meditate. I was confronted by a little girl in a dream who asked if I was Jewish, she was wearing a pretty white dress. It was in Eaton Residential College in Coral Gables at the University of Miami. The year prior, Elul 19, 5752, in a fatal auto accident on Powerline Road off of Commercial in Fort Lauderdale, I was found DOA in the passenger seat of a 1979 creamy white Mazda RX7, airlifted by helicopter and resuscitated at the downtown hospital. I’m not sure which of these two events, the dream or the accident, forced me to become more spiritual, perhaps a combination of the two. Fast forward to Paris, France where I would have my first encounter with the Tetragrammaton while on my knees reading a book on Kaballah that was purchased while passing through London. I was living in the 3rd arrondissement, the Jewish Quarter, where my eyes embraced for the first time the 4-Letter Name of God written in Hebrew, YHVH. It was here I found the Zohar at a corner bookshop. The time was Tevet 5765. I make spiritual life a priority and a reality, this is the real work, internal work. We are made to be very advanced spiritually. All the other work in the material physical world accompanies the true inner work which is eternal and everlasting. Continue to seek wisdom and understanding, and to know your Self. The Divine Light, The Creator, is within each of us to discover.

To answer that little girl’s question from the dream, “YES! I AM!”

Tikkun Olam :)


Reedeming The 50th Gate

The Messianic Light

Lana Cloninger

Website/Content Creator

Co-Owner, Plum Canyon Nursery

Sunrise on Nature
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