Best Natural Herbal Supplements for Mothers, Babies and Toddlers

Calm A Mama Herbal Supplements for Pregnant Mothers and Babies
Best Natural Herbal Supplements for Pregnant Mothers and Babies

Calm-A- Mama drops are the first of their kind in the supplements and herbal products market, this is because 2 unique and safe techniques of plant healing are used in making these herbal supplements. Flower essences are blended with water extracted from herbal medicines - hydrosol - and they are used to make these nourishing and revitalizing herbal drops.

The flower remedies work on your emotional state, providing balance and support whilst the herbal products work more on your physical state, giving you a nourishing and rejuvenating feeling.

Little wonder why their products have won the prestigious Natural Launchpad grant awarded by Burt's bees.

Calm-A-Mama herbal supplements come in different products and brands which are enriched with organic, fresh, and natural herbs to help meet all your needs. From sleep drops to help you and your baby fight insomnia and aid sleep relief, to teething relief drops for babies. The list goes on and on. A particularly interesting thing to note about Calm-A-Mama drops is how suitable they are for both pregnant women and children because of the absence of alcohol in them.

All Calm-A-Mama supplements contain herbs that are cultivated with love, harvested, and immediately formulated into products, thus, we practice a Farm-to-Bottle method of production.

To fully understand how effective and nourishing Calm-A-Mama products are, we would briefly describe some of our best selling supplements, their key ingredients and medicinal uses.

Let's go!


Calm A Mama sleep drops, best Natural Herbal Supplements for Pregnant Mothers and Babies
Best natural herbal Supplements for Pregnant Mothers and Babies

The first Calm A Mama product we'll be talking about is the Sleep Drops. This supplement is one of our best-sellers and it is rightly so considering the nourishing and effective all-natural ingredients and herbs it contains. It is sufficiently fortified with chamomile hydrosol which has been proven to be a particularly effective sedative and calming agent. Chamomile also contains properties that help improve tranquility, relaxation and aid deep sleep. Another primary ingredient in this drop is organic lavender. In a study carried out to see how effective lavender was as a sleeping agent, researchers discovered that the group who had lavender in their supplement were able to sleep more deeply and had more vigor the next day. If you're having trouble sleeping or adjusting to a sleep routine, then these herbal supplement drops are for you and the best part of it all is that it is perfectly safe for children and expecting mothers because it contains no alcohol. It also has a pleasant and sweet flavor that you will absolutely love.

Here is what one of our customers on Amazon had to say after using it.

We bought this for my twins at 18 months old because they still have terrible troubles sleeping through the night. As soon as we started giving them this, they started to sleep more soundly, they are going on 2 years old in November 2020 and this has seriously helped us get more sleep because they sleep!

So, what are you waiting for? Make your order here now!


Calm A Mama calm drops,  best Natural Herbal Supplements for Pregnant Mothers and Babies
st Natural Herbal Supplements for Pregnant Mothers and Babies

Another of our best-selling products is the Calm A Mama Calm drops.

It is normal to feel anxious, stressed, and overwhelmed as we go about our day-to-day activities, however, we should not allow this stress to take over us and cause a burn- out. Calm drops will help you achieve this. Containing a minty calming lemon balm, these herbal and natural supplements are what you need to go through a stressful day without feeling overwhelmed and anxious. With this product, you get to enjoy an alcohol-free natural stress reliever with a sweet and delicate citrus flavor that is suitable for both children and adults.

Here is what C. Beale from the United States had to say about it.

Homeopathic products don’t seem to work with me generally but these calm drops work amazingly fast and are very effective. I really couldn’t believe it at first as I felt such a change. This is the second time I have bought these. So handy if you are feeling some mild anxiety!

Another beautiful review is found in the Calm-A-Mama's founding story, do read on!

Calm-A-Mama community started a few years ago, when Hannah, the founder of Calm a Mama first started making Calm Drops, the original Calm-A-Mama product. She was then 27, pregnant, and living in a blue house with a deep front porch in Providence, RI. She had experienced anxiety before and after pregnancy, which led her to create a herbal supplement that could support her without causing any harm to her body or baby. She was excited that the drops worked so well, and then wanted to share them with other moms and families with similar needs.

If like Hannah and Beale, you want to enjoy a calm, anxiety-free pregnancy and lifestyle, then you should definitely get these supplements. Make your order here!


Calm A Mama Teeth + Tummy Drops , a st Natural Herbal Supplements for Pregnant Mothers and Babies
st Natural Herbal Supplements for Pregnant Mothers and Babies

It is not unusual to find babies and kids being in pain due to tummy and teething aches. Sometimes, it can even leave you as a mother feeling helpless and frustrated. But don't worry, Calm A Mama teeth and tummy drop has you covered. This organic and natural supplement contains a blend of fennel hydrosol and hyssop flowers, both of which have been proven to contain properties which help to relieve gassing and bloating. They also help reduce nausea that comes with pregnancy and provide a soothing effect on inflamed gums.

Here is what MK, an excited mother from the United States had to say ;

I am glad I don’t have to give her Tylenol for her teeth all the time. It helps take the edge off. I can definitely see her relief when I pull out the bottle.

These herbal drops can be used by both infants and adults, the only difference is in the dose.

Yules also gave it a 5 star review on Amazon, here is what she had to say ;

Started to give this to my baby at 3 mo! Great product and helps with teething stress!

Do you see why you need this in your arsenal? Make your order here now.

These are just a few of the nourishing and revitalizing herbal products produced by Calm A Mama. There are other natural and organic supplements you will definitely love to have in our catalog, check them out here.

We believe in partnering only with organizations who have the same goals as us, Calm-A-Mama drops ticks all the boxes, hence the reason we are so proud to be associated with their natural and refreshing herbal supplements brand. We are looking forward to building a beautiful community of mothers and children who have a peaceful, rejuvenating, and healthy lifestyle with the use of our natural and organic-based supplements.

Confused on which supplements or products to go for? Do not hesitate to reach out to us via our customer service and support, we would be delighted to hear from you!

Hurry up then! Come on board and be part of this blossoming community. We look forward to having you with us!

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